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PE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line ?????

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PE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line ?????


PE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line

Characteristics & Application 

roduct Description: This PE foam sheet extrusion machine can produce Polyethylene foam sheet, which is also named as peart cotton. It is a kind of new -type packing material with the features of damp proof, shock proofing, sound insulation ,heat preservation and good plasticity. It is an ideal substitute of traditional packing materials and used widely in construction, air conditioning, adn packaging of electronic product, daily necessities, glass, pottery, electrical household appliances, furnitues, hardware product, toy, etc. Products easy to recycle re-use, is a new environmentally friendly products.

PE foam Sheet extrusion machine with advanced stand-alone craft foam, foam products, high magnification, energy efficiency,the use of explosion-proof motor, frequency control and intelligent digital meters, automatic control, safe and stable operation, easy to operate, selection of domestic and foreign high-quality parts, quality stable and reliable.

Main Technical Parameters 


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